Characters for stories yet unwritten.
What if one could extract the very essence that certain people embody, stretch its edges into a fantasy world, set the scenery where a story would take place and then just leave the plot to be rewritten by each new pair of eyes that look at those "blueprints" ?

The ghost is a recurring figure in most cultures. It can represent all remembrances that are not as sharp as reality itself. It can also portrait the timeline of a person, combining all that has been, what is and what is yet to be, defying the conception of an image as the act of freezing a moment in time.

In this work, ghosts try to serve a purpose in particular: to blast the imagination to every possible corner, to suggest a continuum in places where a single point of view could have otherwise appeared, to keep the plot not only open but also unbiased enough to let the viewer's mind shape the story in whichever way it desires so.

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